Hyliion Hypertruck ERX: an EV assisted by natural gas

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Updated Nov 16, 2023
Hyliion has taken a unique approach to creating an electric drive vehicle. Instead of being dependent on the electricity grid for power, the Hypertruck ERX is capable of charging its own batteries using natural gas, avoiding many common issues associated with battery-electric vehicles.
Hydrogen Fuel Cell & BEV Survey
The following survey was sent as a link in an email cover message in February 2023 to the newsletter lists for Overdrive and CCJ. After approximately two weeks, a total of 176 owner-operators under their own authority, 113 owner-operators leased or assigned to a carrier and 82 fleet executives and 36 fleet employees from fleets with 10 or more power units had completed and submitted the questionnaire for a total of 407 qualified responses. Cross-tabulations based on respondent type are provided for each question when applicable.
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