Siemens acquires eTruck fast charging specialist Heliox

Siemens AG has acquired Heliox, a technology leader in DC fast charging solutions in the eBus and eTruck fleets segments, and passenger vehicles. 

The acquisition complements Siemens’ existing eMobility charging portfolio, adding products and solutions ranging from 40 kilowatts (kW) to megawatt charging solutions for depots and en-route charging. 

Meritor in May 2022 acquired Siemens' commercial vehicles business, including key capabilities in direct drive and transmission-based remote mount electric motors, inverters, software and related services which are critical elements in the next generation of electric powertrains.

Meritor-parent Cummins and Heliox last year signed an agreement to provide the sale and service of EV chargers in North America. 

The agreement will bring both a mobile 50 kW DC charger, Mobile 50, and a stationary 180 kW DC charging system, Flex 180, to market. The Mobile 50 is an innovative, reliable solution that easily plugs into 480V AC wall sockets and can be used anywhere there is a compatible power source. Its portable design does not require fixed installation, which will save fleets thousands on infrastructure costs as they transition to battery electric vehicles. The Flex 180 solution provides up to three (3) dispensers capable of static, sequential, and dynamic charging for optimal flexibility in charging for fleet customers. Dispensing options can come in both plug and pantograph options for transit bus customers.

Both EV charger products are available through Cummins’ North America distribution network. Cummins Sales and Service, North America has the experience to deliver fast, high-quality repairs and planned maintenance for EV chargers as it does for power generation products and EV powertrains today throughout its 180+ service locations in North America.

Heliox’s portfolio also extends Siemens’ market reach, primarily in Europe and North America, while improving capabilities in power electronics. Heliox’s mobile, scalable and parallel charging solutions will enable Siemens to serve these markets better.

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Matthias Rebellius, CEO of Smart Infrastructure and member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG recognized unparalleled growth in the EV charging infrastructure market, adding "DC fast charging solutions for eBus and eTruck fleets are considered the fastest growing segment here. With the acquisition of Heliox, Siemens eMobility is well-positioned to serve our customers worldwide," he said. 

Next to DC fast charging solutions, Heliox offers charger monitoring and energy management services, expanding Siemens' eMobility’s IoT product portfolio and strengthens its digitalization and software offering.

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