Hight Logistics expanding Volvo Trucks VNR Electric fleet

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Volvo VNR Electric parked at port
Hight Logistics signed a sales order at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Las Vegas to add 24 Volvo VNR Electric (pictured here) tractors to develop the new Hight Electric division, which will focus exclusively on acquiring battery-electric vehicles and developing the necessary charging infrastructure.
Volvo Trucks North America

Hight Logistics has announced it is expanding its fleet of Volvo VNR Electric Class 8 tractors after completing a sales agreement with the OEM at the Advanced Clean Technology (ACT) Expo in Las Vegas in May. The privately-owned drayage services business recently took delivery of five of the all-electric tractors. The new agreement calls for an additional nine trucks to be delivered this year and 10 more in Q1 2025.

As part of its efforts to decarbonize, the company created the Hight Electric division whose focus is solely on acquiring battery-electric vehicles as well as developing the necessary charging infrastructure. Before making the switch to BEVs, Hight Logistics used owner-operators.

“It is a privilege to work with customers who share in our mission of decarbonizing transportation to truly move the world we want to live in, and we are thrilled that Hight Logistics is expanding their fully battery-electric fleet with the Volvo VNR Electric,” said Peter Voorhoeve, president of Volvo Trucks North America. “We had a tremendous meeting with Rudy Diaz at ACT Expo last month where he officially signed his deal and look forward to working with everyone at Hight Logistics to support them as they continue making a difference in the communities they serve.”

Initially, Hight Logistics added three VNR Electrics with the four-battery configuration, one of which was leased through Forum Mobility, as part of its research to better understand how battery-electric trucks work fleet-wise and in expanded operations. With the new deal now signed, the company will soon operate a total of 27 VNR Electrics, 24 with the six-battery setup that offer a range of up to 275 miles. 

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The company has confirmed that the VNR Electrics will be assigned to making daily runs out of the Ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Oakland. The routes range in distance from 20 to 140 miles roundtrip. Trucks will charge overnight and at warehouses between runs courtesy of the six dual charging stations. A total of 12 trucks can charge at once. 

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“Our customers care about moving cargo in a sustainable way, and they are seeking us out because our battery-electric fleet can help them reduce their carbon footprint,” said Rudy Diaz, founder and chief executive officer, Hight Logistics. “We are fully committed to the investment in zero emissions trucks and our investment in the Volvo VNR Electric trucks is a public declaration that we are helping to lead the shift to sustainable drayage transportation solutions.”

TEC Equipment, a Volvo Trucks Certified Electric Vehicle Dealership, worked with Hight Logistics to determine the ideal configuration for their operational needs. It'll also provide regular support, maintenance, and other vital services such as charging facilities in order to maximize working hours.

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“Hight Logistics' new Volvo VNR Electric trucks represent a forward-thinking approach to reducing tailpipe emissions, noise associated with transportation and promoting cleaner air quality," said Melanie Des Laurier, new truck sales at TEC Equipment. "With TEC Equipment's comprehensive support, including helping to secure grants and incentives, Hight Logistics is well-equipped to lead by example in the transition to zero-emission technology.”

Jay Traugott has covered the automotive and transportation sector for over a decade and now serves as Senior Editor for Clean Trucking. He holds a drifting license and has driven on some of the world's best race tracks, including the Nurburgring and Spa. He lives near Boulder, Colorado, and spends his free time snowboarding, climbing, and hiking. He can be reached at [email protected].

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