Nikola's hydrogen fuel cell trucks surpass Q2 sales expectations

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Nikola FCEV station refueling
Nikola beats Q2 sales expectations as demand for its hydrogen fuel-cell trucks appears to be increasing. The Nasdaq immediately took notice as the company's stock increased.
Nikola Corporation

Nikola Corporation (NKLA) has confirmed deliveries of 72 Class 8 hydrogen fuel cell trucks in Q2, beating the targeted figure of 60 units. For the first half of 2024, the Arizona-based truck company sold a total of 112 FCEV trucks, a potential sign of increasing demand as the industry continues to slowly shift away from traditional diesel-powered rigs.

Financial results for the second business quarter are expected to be announced later this month. 

“We have maintained our 2024 momentum with solid wholesale numbers, new customers such as Walmart Canada, and repeat customers like 4GEN and IMC, purchasing vehicles through our dealer network,” said Nikola CEO Steve Girsky. “We are firmly on the field and are continuing to secure our first-mover advantage in zero-emissions Class 8 trucks in North America, as well as with our HYLA hydrogen refueling solutions.” 

Production for all Nikola trucks takes place in Coolidge, Arizona. 

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Last month, the truck maker announced that its battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell trucks completed over 2.5 million miles of emissions-free driving.

This milestone was accompanied by Nikola's Nasdaq stock listing change, which began trading on a split-adjusted setup in order to boost its price and prevent delisting. The stock split's intention is to consolidate 30 shares of Nikola into one.

Nikola's stock increased by 3.2% following the company's Q2 sales announcement, rebounding from record lows. 

In addition to its trucks, Nikola has been opening hydrogen refueling stations to support the growing fleet. The most recent hydrogen station opening took place in May at the Port of Long Beach in Southern California.

Nikola is also working to secure its hydrogen supply chain as it continues to expand its HYLA fueling infrastructure. It already signed a 10-year agreement with FirstElement Fuel, California's biggest hydrogen refueling provider. 

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