Bollinger chooses warranty provider

Bollinger Motors truck driving down street

Syncron, a leading provider of AI-based aftermarket and OEM after-sales software, today announced that Syncron Warranty has been selected by Bollinger Motors, an American electric commercial truck manufacturer based in Oak Park, Mich.  

Bollinger Motors, which will launch the innovative, all-electric Bollinger B4 in the second half of 2024, identified the need for an end-to-end warranty lifecycle partner with deep automotive expertise to help streamline operations while offering industry-leading standards of customer experience, the companies say.

Syncron stood out for its user-friendly, intuitive interface backed by simplified warranty registration, automation and granular tracking. Compared to other potential partners, Bollinger Motors states it noted Syncron was cost-effective and scalable to their growing business needs. 

Bollinger Motors also noted trust in the Syncron brand, the Syncron reputation for innovative, robust and flexible OEM solutions and the team’s collaborative approach as factors in its decision, the company says.

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“We felt that the completeness of Syncron’s warranty solution is the factor that gave them the edge,” says Rob Marcott, commercial aftersales network manager at Bollinger Motors. “The platform allows us to manage all aspects of the warranty process and have the ability to scale as our business and product line grows.” 

Syncron Warranty states it connects and enhances the entire warranty process, enabling businesses to process claims, track returns and upsell new service plans on one platform while reducing costs and increasing revenue. With Syncron Warranty, Syncron customers have seen up to a 23% reduction in total warranty spend, a 30% reduction in claims processing time and a 58% increase in supplier recovery, the company says.

Syncron Warranty also is said to empower dealers to streamline warranty management, process claims faster and enhance customer service — boosting satisfaction and loyalty. For end users, it ensures peace of mind with quicker issue resolution, improved service and a superior ownership experience, the company adds.

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“Syncron offers more than an innovative, all-encompassing warranty management solution — it’s actually a solution to deliver value in less than nine months,” says Anneliese Schulz, chief revenue officer at Syncron. “In today’s times, customers look to us to support them in their need to drive down costs and streamline and digitize their warranty operations, replacing legacy applications. And aside from the right technology, time to value and true domain expertise is the winning formula for enabling customer success.”

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