Rizon debuts newest models, extended warranty at ACT Expo

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Updated May 22, 2024
Rizon truck in the parking lot

Rizon, Daimler Truck’s newest brand of all-electric vehicles, debuted the expansion of its Class 4 and 5 lineup at the 2024 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Las Vegas on Monday. 

The new truck models — the e18Mx and the e18Lx — offer enhanced payload capacities and innovative features tailored for urban and local deliveries, Rizon says. Both offer an upgraded payload capacity of 18,850 lb., compared to 17,995 lb., for the current models. The new models are part of the company's ongoing commitment to offer fleet operators more robust and efficient zero-emission vehicle options through a higher capacity allowing for a reduce the number of trips needed for local deliveries and operations. 

“We're happy to bring Rizon back to the ACT Expo to mark the first anniversary of our brand's debut,” says Andreas Deuschle, the Global Head of Rizon Truck. “A lot has happened since then including customer handovers and Rizon's entry into the Canadian market. Now we are ready to offer our Model Year 2025 trucks. By increasing the gross vehicle weight and updating the warranty, Rizon is taking an important step forward to provide customers with the best solutions for their businesses.” 

The company states it will begin accepting orders for the 2025 model year, which will come standard with an enhanced class-leading warranty package that now protects the powertrain and high-voltage electrical equipment for 8 years/120,000 miles and the high-voltage batteries for 8 years/185,000 miles. 

Rizon adds its battery-electric cabover trucks are designed for local goods movement, urban deliveries, and refrigerated deliveries. They can be customized with different body options such as box trucks and stake beds, and feature a tight turning radius ideal for city driving. Advanced safety features like collision avoidance are standard.

The trucks offer up to 160 miles on a single charge and support both Level 2 AC and DC fast charging, providing flexibility and efficiency in operations, the company says.

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