Volvo Group and Westport announce new HPDI joint venture

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Volvo and Westport Joint Venture Event
Volvo Group and Westport Fuel Systems celebrating the launch of their HPDI Fuel System joint venture during an event at the University of British Columbia, the birthplace of Westport's HPDI fuel system technology.
Volvo Group

Volvo Group and Westport Fuel Systems are celebrating the creation of a joint venture (JV) that aims to accelerate the commercialization of the latter's high pressure direct injection (HPDI) technology at the University of British Columbia, where HPDI technology originated. 

The JV will provide affordable, sustainable transportation solutions that benefit from the integration of hydrogen and biogas technologies into existing infrastructure. HPDI allows existing internal combustion engine customers to achieve near-zero greenhouse gas emissions, the companies say. The system replaces greenhouse gas-emitting fuels, including diesel, with carbon-neutral or zero-carbon fuels such as biogas or hydrogen.  

The implementation of hydrogen will begin at an undisclosed future date. 

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"This joint venture is poised to make a significant impact on global long-haul and off-road heavy-duty applications,” said Dan Sceli, CEO and director of Westport Fuel Systems, and interim president of the Volvo/Westport JV. “By combining Volvo’s extensive expertise in commercial vehicle and power system manufacturing with Westport’s innovative fuel system technology, we are creating a powerful force for change that can make a meaningful contribution to reduce carbon emissions immediately and affordably. Together we are committed to delivering sustainable, efficient, and economically viable solutions for long haul transportation.”    

Both companies emphasize the importance of pushing HPDI technology forward as the industry continues to do its part in the battle against climate change.

Thousands of Volvo trucks across Europe are currently equipped with the HPDI system, proving the technology's effectiveness since it was first deployed in 2018. Combined, these trucks have avoided hundreds of thousands of tons of annual CO2 emissions.

“We believe HPDI-powered internal combustion engines, running on hydrogen and renewable fuels, plays a crucial role in global decarbonization efforts in commercial transportation," said Lars Stenqvist, chief technology officer of Volvo Group. "The joint venture enables us to combine this innovative fuel system with our strategic expertise to guide OEMs and fleets as they navigate the energy transition."

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