Zeem Solutions building America’s largest commercial charging depot

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Updated May 20, 2024
Zeem Solutions' Long Beach Electric Charging Site
This digital rendering of Zeem Solutions’ new 2.7-acre EV fleet charging depot, at the Port of Long Beach, California will go online by Q1 2025 and will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, servicing as many as 500 vehicles daily.
Zeem Solutions

Zeem Solutions has announced it is developing a large capacity EV charging depot for electric drayage trucks conducting operations at the Port of Long Beach in order to comply with California’s strict new zero-emissions regulations.

The company specializes in charging infrastructures for electric vehicles and fleet management. It will also advise customers operating out of the Port of Long Beach on the selection and financing of Class 8 electric truck vehicles. 

More specifically, the new 2.7-acre site, only one minute from the Trainer Long Beach Terminal and west of the Gerald Desmond Bridge, will allow drayage truck companies doing business at the San Pedro Port complex to meet those new standards. The power generation site is owned by an affiliate of ArcLight Capital Partners. 

The completed site will be “the largest commercial charging depot in the U.S. in terms of connected chargers and capacity,” according to Zeem. The company says it’s been working with Southern California Edison (SCE) and, more precisely, the Charge Ready Transport program, to prepare the site, which is scheduled to go online by Q1 2025. It will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

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“The regulatory environment is shifting, and we will be seeing a dramatic increase in electric drayage trucks operating around the port over the next few years,” said Paul Gioupis, Founder and CEO of Zeem. ” 

The depot's planned opening is representative of the Biden Administration's commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions. One part of the EPA’s Phase 3 proposal, revealed earlier this year, aims to electrify 25% of new long-haul trucks by 2032.

Local communities and the region as a whole will greatly benefit from drastic reductions in diesel emissions. 

“Zeem’s charging depot at the Port of Long Beach will play a critical role in improving air quality, helping accelerate our transition away from diesel fuel and towards a zero-emission future,” said Mayor Rex Richardson. “This critical infrastructure advances our climate action plan and supports one of Long Beach’s key growth sectors.  These investments in our city create jobs that support local families and promote a more climate-sustainable economy.” 

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Zeem says the depot will include a 15 MW capacity interconnection. Looking ahead to the next few years, there are plans to scale up to two to three times that amount as demand is expected to increase. It will also include 84 DC fast charger (DCFC) ports delivering up to 400 kW of power per port. They can also charge as many as 500 vehicles in a 24-hour period. 

“The depot employs reliable charging technology, boasting the highest capacity chargers tailored to accommodate trucks effectively,” Gioupis added. “With our streamlined operations developed through years of hands-on experience, we anticipate a substantial increase in throughput, expediting the electrification process for fleet operators.”

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