Natural resource-rich countries more receptive to electrification, says Rizon Global chief

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Updated Jun 7, 2024
Rizon Class 4/5 cabover truck
Rizon, Daimler's ninth truck brand, continues to grow one year after its North American market introduction with two new truck models shown in Las Vegas last month: the e18Mx and the e18Lx.
Clean Trucking

It’s been one year since Rizon, a subsidiary brand of Daimler Truck, had its official launch with the introduction of the Class 4/5 medium-duty battery-electric cabover trucks. Today, the zero-emission brand’s North American market expansion continues, evidenced by its strong presence at last month’s 2024 ACT Expo in Las Vegas.

Speaking to Clean Trucking at the event, Andreas Deuschle, the Global Head of Rizon, confirmed that parent company Daimler has no plans to expand the brand’s lineup beyond the Class 4/5 space. “The Freightliner eM2 and eCascadia will continue to be Daimler’s Class 6/7 and 8 market offerings, respectively.”

The discussion then turned towards which countries and customers Rizon views as being more receptive to electrification.  

“I feel those countries who have a lot of natural resources, and therefore lots of green energy potential, are more open [to electrification].” 

Asked to elaborate, Deuschle singled out America’s neighbor to the North as a prime example. 

Canada appears to be one of those countries,” he said. “Also, the customers [and utilities] might be providing green infrastructure and green energy. Doing so makes people more receptive to energy that’s not generated by coal. There are some countries that are more advanced early on,” Deuschle added, referring to Scandinavia. 

"It's the Scandinavian countries and Canada. I feel that they are really more in this end-to-end thinking as it only makes sense for the whole value chain." 

The Class 4/5 Rizon truck was originally available in three models, as well as 175- and 187-inch wheelbases: the e18L, e16L and the e16M. All are powered by an eAxle. The vehicles provide a range of between 75 and 160 miles depending on battery spec - 110 to 160 miles for L models with three battery packs, and 75 to 110 miles for M models with two battery packs. 

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Two new truck models were brought to Las Vegas last month: the e18Mx and the e18Lx. Both have enhanced payload capacities and innovative features designed specifically for urban and local deliveries, according to Rizon. Each have an upgraded payload capacity of 18,850 lbs., compared to the current models' 17,995 lbs. 

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They can drive up to 160 miles on a single charge and support both Level 2 AC and DC fast charging thanks to their lithium iron phosphate batteries. 

These Class 4/5 cabovers are designed for local transportation, and urban and refrigerated deliveries. They can be customized with different body options such as box trucks and stake beds, and feature a tight turning radius for city driving. Advanced safety features like collision avoidance are standard.

Rizon trucks will be distributed exclusively through California-based Velocity Vehicle Group, which has over 80 Daimler Truck dealerships in eight states. They will also offer maintenance, charging assistance, and financing through Daimler Truck Financial Services.

"What we feel is that [regardless] of which customer, they value that we [Rizon] are part of Daimler," Deuschle said. "This gives them confidence that this truck is a mature system. It's not a prototype. They feel that this is a real truck, a real workhorse, and ready to do business."

Jay Traugott has covered the automotive and transportation sector for over a decade and now serves as Senior Editor for Clean Trucking. He holds a drifting license and has driven on some of the world's best race tracks, including the Nurburgring and Spa. He lives near Boulder, Colorado, and spends his free time snowboarding, climbing, and hiking. He can be reached at [email protected].

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