Bollinger Motors sells 50 B4 Chassis Cabs EVs to EnviroCharge

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A battery-electric Bollinger B4 Chassis Cab
Bollinger Motors and EnviroCharge announce a new deal that will see 50 units of the B4 Chassis Cab receive the latter company's clean-propane-powered charging system installed.
Bollinger Motors

Oak Park, Michigan-based Bollinger Motors has announced the sale of 50 units of its pure battery-electric B4 chassis cab commercial truck to EnviroCharge, a veteran-owned Charge Point Operating Company (CPO) that provides affordable power generation and other EV charging solutions. 

Upon delivery in the second half of this year, EnviroCharge says it will install its mobile clean-propane-powered charging system on all 50 vehicles, which are classified as Class 4 commercial trucks. 

“EnviroCharge shares our commitment and vision to transform the transportation industry,” said Robert Bollinger, founder and CEO of Bollinger Motors. “Innovative electric trucks and charging solutions mean fleets can switch today to save money, reduce emissions, and get the job done.”

Adding the propane-powered charging unit allows operators to have mobile charging at anytime and anywhere, thus eliminating the need to locate and utilize a conventional charging station. 

Following the charging system installation, EnviroCharge plans to re-sell the modified B4s to fleet owners in U.S. states that offer voucher incentive programs. All vehicles will be eligible for the $40,000 per truck federal tax credit courtesy of the Inflation Reduction Act. 

“This is a big step forward for EnviroCharge customers, as it provides a clean-fuel EV charging solution on a zero-emission vehicle,” said Charlie Stockton, CEO of EnviroCharge. “This will create a convenient charging solution providing fleet owners with invaluable peace of mind.”

Over the past several months, Bollinger has added three additional dealers and service centers, specifically Nacarato Truck Centers, Nuss Truck & Equipment, and LaFontaine Auto Group. 

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Last month, Bollinger confirmed that Syncron Warranty had been chosen as its warranty provider. 

The all-new Bollinger B4 chassis cab, with a GVWR of 15,500 lbs., is an all-electric Class 4 commercial truck designed from the ground up with substantial fleet and upfitter input. Bollinger’s chassis design protects the 158 kwh battery pack and other vital components to offer unmatched capability and safety in the commercial vehicle market. 

Jay Traugott has covered the automotive and transportation sector for over a decade and now serves as Senior Editor for Clean Trucking. He holds a drifting license and has driven on some of the world's best race tracks, including the Nurburgring and Spa. He lives near Boulder, Colorado, and spends his free time snowboarding, climbing, and hiking. He can be reached at [email protected].

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